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Oliver Thompson <span>Corporate Trainer</span>
Oliver Thompson Corporate Trainer
Nicole BZ <span>Business Expert</span>
Nicole BZ Business Expert
Lewis Raymond Taylor <span>Co-Founder, Coaching Trainer</span>
Lewis Raymond Taylor Co-Founder, Coaching Trainer
Liam James Collins <span>Co-Founder, Coaching Trainer</span>
Liam James Collins Co-Founder, Coaching Trainer
Imogen Joyce <span>Mindset Coach</span>
Imogen Joyce Mindset Coach
Mahi Amin <span>Transformation Coach</span>
Mahi Amin Transformation Coach

What is Alternalearn

Alternalearn is redefining the boundaries of traditional education. For just $47 per month, our members gain access to an array of concise courses in business and psychology designed to not only enhance personal development but also provide a solid introduction to user-friendly business models. Each course lays the foundational knowledge necessary for members to delve deeper as they navigate towards their chosen career paths, ultimately becoming the best versions of themselves.

Frequently Asked Questions

We require that the content is produced either in a professional home studio equipped withproper camera, lighting, and audio, or in a commercial studio setting. For some expert,industry-leading trainers, we even cover the costs of studio recording. Additionally, we can provide guidance on local studio options and coordinate bookings on your behalf if you lack the necessary home equipment.

Compensation is made via direct payment quarterly. This includes various revenue streams such as studio costs, content creation, recurring payments per completed course, sales in our marketplace, and direct sales resulting from your exposure on our platform.

Yes, the content you create is non-exclusive. You are free to sell it elsewhere; however, it cannot be offered as free content or sold for less than $397.

Yes, you can submit existing content as long as it is not available for free or priced below $397.

On the contrary, our partnership is designed to promote you. We invest in marketing to boost your visibility, which in turn drives customers and sales directly to you. Our platform mainly provides short introductory courses and academic degree pathways, but all leads generated for your courses will directly benefit you.

Earnings vary based on your reputation, the success of your content on our platform, and demand within our marketplace. We estimate an average of $500 per quarter per trainer, with potential for viral courses to earn over $100,000 annually. As our platform grows and secures more funding, early and featured experts can expect significantly higher earnings over time.

Your exposure on our platform helps build relationships with our audience, leading them to seek further engagement with you, whether directly or through your teacher profile and marketplace. Our active, paying members are keen to extend their learning with you and to purchase additional courses, coaching, or other services.

We select trainers based on a variety of criteria, including expertise and experience. Simply apply below, and we will review your application and reach out with an offer if we see a fit with Alternalearn.


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